Innovative precision formulations


For normal to fine hair or resistant and difficult shapeable natural hair. Processing time: 10-20 minutes (with external heat), 15-25 minutes (without heat).


For porous, coloured hair or 30-50% highlighted hair. Processing time: 8-15 minutes (with external heat), 10-20 minutes (without heat).


For sensitive, severely porous, bleached or more than 50% highlighted hair. Processing time: 5-12 minutes (without heat)

The exact processing times should be determined with a test curl.


Ready for use. Use 2/3 of content in wrapped hair and leave in for 5 minutes. Gently remove rods. Apply remaining 1/3 and leave in 3-5 minutes.


Before-/after treatment to be sprayed into the hair. To be used after each hair wash at home. For excellent combability and perfect shine. Immediate appearance. Without rinsing.

Complete service set: Ready for use. Easy and safe. Before & after treatment. Home treatment.

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