Innovative precision formulations


For normal to fine hair or resistant and difficult shapeable natural hair. Processing time: 10-20 minutes (with external heat), 15-25 minutes (without heat).


For porous, coloured hair or 30-50% highlighted hair. Processing time: 8-15 minutes (with external heat), 10-20 minutes (without heat).


For sensitive, severely porous, bleached or more than 50% highlighted hair. Processing time: 5-12 minutes (without heat)

The exact processing times should be determined with a test curl.


Ready for use. Use 2/3 of content in wrapped hair and leave in for 5 minutes. Gently remove rods. Apply remaining 1/3 and leave in 3-5 minutes.


Before-/after treatment to be sprayed into the hair. To be used after each hair wash at home. For excellent combability and perfect shine. Immediate appearance. Without rinsing.

Complete service set: Ready for use. Easy and safe. Before & after treatment. Home treatment.

Creator Of Qualified Haircosmetics
Established in 1980 and based in Haltern am See in the north-west of Germany, our company is acknowledged as a bespoke supplier of premium-quality hair cosmetics developed exclusively for the discerning hairstylist.


Since 2007, privately owned, Elkaderm is managed by the company’s owner Günter Irmen – guaranteeing hands-on commitment to excellence in everything we do. Rather than having to deal with anonymous managers, customers communicate directly with Elkaderm’s owner.


ELKADERM’s high-tech industrial facility accommodates the full range of services under one roof: R&D laboratories, a specialist perfume lab, a warehouse for high-end raw materials and state-of-the-art production and bottling lines.

Continuous quality assurance with a strong focus on personal responsibility within the team ensures that all products are of exceptional quality at all times.


It goes without saying that our operations cover every aspect of the value chain – from building on the vision of an idea and procuring raw materials to manufacturing premium-quality products and worldwide shipment with the help of our logistics unit.

In addition, we employ specialists in product and brand design, marketing and sales promotion, as well as legal experts who deal with every aspect of international cosmetics, brand and competition law.


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